Personal Training


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Why should you hire a personal trainer? You don’t need to be a professional athlete or a celebrity to have a coach helping you get better! Ever wonder why professional athletes are so good at their skill anyway? They have coaches helping them get better. Usually, multiple coaches. Our job as professionals is to help you get better at your specific goals. The right way. Here are just a few reasons why everyone can benefit from hiring a fitness professional to help them get better:

why hire a trainer

  • Avoid injury. If you’re hurt, you can’t train. Our job is to make sure you are doing everything correctly, based on how your body is designed to move. We can also help you recover and get stronger after an injury.
  • Learn to train the right way, for your body and your goals. Not everything works for everyone and you should never copy someone’s exercise routine just because it seems to be working for them.
  • Stay accountable and motivated. Do you really put in the most effort every single time you train? Do you ever slack just a little? Maybe take a little extra break when you know you shouldn’t? We will hold you accountable to your goals so you actually see progress!
  • Coaching that doesn’t end when your training session is over. No matter what, you will spend more time away from the gym than you do in the gym. Great coaches will help you manage all the other variables that help you achieve success. Nutrition coaching.  Help managing your recovery and stress levels. Help planning your daily routine so you spend less time wondering what to do and more time actually moving in the right direction and achieving success!
  • It’s the best investment you can make in yourself! Quick fixes, pills and gimmicks don’t work. They only separate you from your money. Hiring a professional to educate you on the right way to do things will save you countless hours of wasted time and can save you from spending money on unnecessary medical expenses in the future. Prevention is the answer, not treatment! Pure fitness means much more than just what you see on the outside. We can help you achieve pure fitness.


Pure Fitness has several proven options to help you achieve results

Private Personal Training   You and your trainer, one on one with exercises designed for and based on you and your specific goals. More than anything, it is an education in how your body is designed to work and how you respond to different movement. Whatever your specific objective- getting stronger, leaner, faster, moving better or overall health and well being, there is no better way to invest your time in the gym.

Small Group Personal Training  The same concept as private training, except in a small group setting. Groups are limited to six clients so you still receive the personal attention you need. Not everyone may even do the same exercise in the group. It’s a great way to build camaraderie and have fun with your training program.

Program Design  You have enough experience to do it yourself but just need a little coaching to find a new way to do things or change up your routine and break through plateaus. Our program design option is for you. During a twelve week program, you will spend six sessions with a professional to design a program that fits your needs and produces results.  You will check in monthly to make adjustments as needed to maintain progress.


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