Nutrition Coaching


nutritioncoaching1When it comes to the subject of nutrition, every expert has their opinion, studies backed by science, proven track records and countless testimonials swearing that their way is the best way. Do a Google search for weight loss and you will get over 200 million results. Search fat loss and you’ll find over 37 million. Performance nutrition, over 20 million.  There is far too much information for you to sift through and waste way too much time and most likely a lot of money. Over $60 Billion (with a B) is spent annually on weight loss. Why do we keep getting more and more unhealthy then? Obviously throwing money at the problem is clearly NOT working. How can you make an educated decision on what is best for you without knowing what is fact and what is just marketing hype?  Every year there are numerous new diet plans, diet pills and diet books, all promising better results than the last one.  The one missing link with all of these is that rather than asking you what you are already doing, they are telling you to do it their way. The problem with this approach is their way works (or worked) for THEM.

fad diets

There is no guarantee that it will work for you. In reality, your nutrition is based on one thing. YOU. Until you figure out what works for you specifically, you will just keep spinning your wheels and going in the same direction (which is usually nowhere, right?)  How do you figure out what works for you? Well, it starts with asking the right questions and making realistic changes until you find something that you can sustain. How do you do this? It starts with hiring a professional to help you filter out all the hype, gimmicks and nonsense that plagues our society and start actually learning how to do things differently. Key word here is learning. About you. About what works for you!


precision nutritionWe use  a common sense approach and Precision Nutrition as our coaching model and can help you figure things out and coach you to finally be successful with your nutrition habits.  Don’t wait any longer, put an end to all the hype and nonsense and start your nutrition education now!